Digital 1.0


Digital 1.0 is an introductory workshop to all things digital marketing. We offer a concentrated curriculum to get you up to speed. The content is industry-driven, because that’s what we do everyday.

Straight from the Bolster hive-mind, our methods are tried and tested, and we evolve with the ever-changing industry around us. Our modules are concise, but comprehensive and we’ll take you through the ins and outs of planning, executing and measuring a digital marketing campaign.

The workshop is broken down into three key sections: Planning, Execution and Measurement.

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A deeper look


Throughout Planning, we’ll explore what it means to create a brand identity, set goals and measurable objectives, teach you how to find your audience and how to conduct research that will inform your campaign. We’ll take a look at channel planning and discuss which social media platforms are good for what. You’ll gain an understanding of creative best practice, walking away with some hot tips and tricks for getting by in the digital realm and we’ll break down timelines and key leverage moments. At the end, we’ll tie it all together in the form of insights and strategies.


Throughout Execution, we’ll look at common metrics across platforms. We’ll take a deeper look at the Facebook and Instagram ecosystem and breakdown campaign structure, bidding and algorithms. We’ll unpack Google Ads and Google Analytics. You’ll gain an understanding of pixels and the difference between first and third party data. We’ll unpack machine-based learning and optimisation and we’ll see how the elements from Planning come into play along the way.


Throughout Measurement, we’ll discuss the metrics that matter and the importance of holistic results. We’ll take you through how to understand your data and how to transform your campaign findings into insights and learnings for the future.


And finally, you’ll reach Retention. You’ll receive a case study with which you’ll be required to map out a campaign. From Planning, Execution and through to Measurement, you’ll put your learnings into practice.