Up-skill and empower yourself

Blocks is here to level-up your social media and digital marketing knowledge through specialist webinars. Focus your energy on learning a new skill in a fun and interactive online environment.

Blocks offers concise, comprehensive and easy to understand up-skilling driven by real industry knowledge. Learn the fundamentals of social media and digital marketing and gain the confidence to take control of your digital destiny.


Social 1.0

Designed for beginners, this two hour session will work through the fundamentals of organic social media practices.

Paid Social 1.0

Designed for beginners, this two hour session will work through the fundamentals of paid social media and amplification.

Masterclass 1.0

Our six hour digital masterclass will take place across three, two hour sessions. An in-depth learning experience.

Handy tools for the online word

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Blocks was built to give back to a community we’re passionate about. Whether you’re into digital, music or just keen to up-skill – we’ve got something for you.

Askin’ for a friend

Blocks offers social media and digital marketing webinars in the music and entertainment space. We’ve also diversified our offering to include food and beverage and brand products. The webinars are 100% online and make for a fun, interactive learning environment. We’re driven by industry knowledge because that’s what we do every day.

Blocks was born out of Bolster, Australia’s leading digital agency for music and events. We lean on our expert industry knowledge, gained from running thousands of digital campaigns, and condense that into concise learning for the community.

Only one way to find out my friend. 

If you’re an artist, manager, event organiser, part of label or an aspiring industry professional looking to level-up your digital know-how, you’re in the right spot. 

Blocks is now entirely online. That means you can join in from wherever you are – your couch, your desk, backyard lounge – you get the picture.

If you put in the work, you’ll get a damn fine looking certificate, but no, we’re not accredited. Having said that, what you’ll walk away with will hold you in good stead if you plan on delving into the music digital marketing sphere.

And in the future, we’ll offer you the opportunity to build on your foundations. Sound good?

It’s all relative, ey? We’ve worked really hard to ensure that our courses feel accessible from a number of different perspectives. We’ll soon have payment plans, so you can pay in easy instalments and certain industry members will even get discounts. 

Of course. The best is yet to come.

It’s super easy. Click on your webinar of choice and select the date you’re hoping to attend. From there, add to cart, add your payment method and you’re done.

You sure can. Blocks’ webinars, Social 1.0 and Paid Social 1.0 are both designed for beginners knowledge. Once you’ve nailed that, we’ll unveil our future Blocks.

Big time. We’re working on our workplace offering currently, but say g’day via hello@betterwithblocks.com and we’ll work out something that fits just right for you and your team.

Absolutely not. We take privacy, IP and confidentiality very seriously and don’t divulge any detail on Bolster client campaigns.

More information on our cancellation and refund policy can be found here.

Slide into our DMs via hello@betterwithblocks.com and we’ll give you the scoop.